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Black Pomeranian Dog


The Black Pomeranian is one of the most popular of this breed. with this being said,there are many colors that are favored by owners and that includes parti’s (more than one color combination).Pomeranians descended from the ancient white Spitz sled dog, that was quite similar in appearance to the American Eskimo dog.

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This Pomeranian puppy is indeed black; but is not a solid of course. The small patch of white that you see on his chest makes this Pom a ‘black mis-mark’. Mismark refers to a patch of white that is too small to move the Pom into the parti color category. Photo courtesy of Sharp Poms.

This amazing toy breed dog gets its name from the area that is now modern day Germany and Poland: Pomerania, and is a descendant of much larger Spitz dogs. As soon as his size was bred down, colors were added in, making this a sought-after, toy sized companion.

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