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Red Spitz Dog


Spitz types are good at living in cold northern climates.The cuteness of the Spitz-type have caused people to create companion dog breeds from them. The very small Pomeranian was at first a much larger dog similar to a Keeshond before being bred to make a small court animal.

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Spitz are very playful and are good with children.Early socialization will help curb some aggressiveness towards other dogs. They can be stubborn and should have patient, positive obedience training. They are reserved with strangers. They are barkers which is how they held prey at bay for hunters. The finnish Spitz is an active dog and needs vigorous daily walks and a secure area to run in.

Spitz, with their thick fur, fluffy ruffs, curled tails and small muzzles and ears, have been bred into non-working types designed to be companions or lap dogs.Spitz are well suited to living in harsh northern climates. They often have an insulating, waterproof undercoat that is denser than the topcoat to trap warmth.

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