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White Pug Dog


The Pug has a compact, small body with a short muzzle that can cause breathing problems, especially if the humidity is high. It has a wrinkled forehead and pendent ears that are very soft. Special attention should be paid to its prominent eyes as they are prone to problems. The Pug has a shiny, soft, short coat. Colors are silver, apricot-fawn and black with a dark mask.

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The Pug is a loving, affectionate, happy dog. It is good with children and other pets. The Pug loves to eat, so watch its diet no matter how difficult it is to resist that adoring look. Be sure it doesn’t get over-heated in hot weather.

Pugs are a friendly and affectionate dog breed that love attention almost as much as people love their folded-up faces. These dogs need special care, though, to keep them happy and healthy. Create a consistent routine of meals, play time, and quiet time for your pug, and make sure you provide them with regular cleanings, nail trims, and baths. It can take a little extra work, but with some attention you can care for all of your pug’s unique needs.

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