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Yellow & Black Rosella

The crimson rosella was described by Johann Friedrich Gmelin in the 13th edition of Systema Naturae in 1788 as Psittacus elegans. The binomial name had been used by Clusius to describe the hawk-headed parrot in 1605, however this predates the start of Linnean taxonomy.

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The crimson rosella had been described and named by John Latham in 1781 as the Beautiful Lory, and then Pennantian Parrot. However he did not give it a Latin name until 1790, when he named it Psittacus pennanti. Nicholas Aylward Vigors defined the genus Platycercus in 1825, based on the distinctive architecture of the feathers in the tail and wing, and designated the crimson rosella (as Platycercus Pennantii) as the type species.

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